It is important to note that in nearly all cases Omnivison is successful in recovering 100% of lost data, but there can be exceptions where data can not be retrieved, therefore Omnivision's Data Recovery Service is conducted under the following terms and conditions.

The client considers any such data to be lost and irretrievably destroyed. The client grants Omnivision Technology permission to perform any action as deemed necessary in attempting to retrieve the requested data and acknowledges that Omnivision Technology shall not be held liable for any theft, loss, destruction or corruption of any data which may have been present on the media presented to Omnivision Technology for inspection and/or recovery.

The client understands that this procedure is a final attempt towards recovery of data from the hard drive and could result in loss in part or in entirety of the data stored thereon and that Omnivision Technology makes no guarantee as to the success of its or its partners attempts.

The client acknowledges that Omnivision Technology recovers lost data from inaccessible drives and that Omnivision Technology or its partners does not repair faulty hard drives. Omnivision Technology cannot guarantee that the data recovery will be 100% successful and that all data will be recovered and readable.

The client is additionally aware that even if the data on the drive is successfully recovered that there may be individual files and folders not readable due to the nature of the damage originally sustained.

The client acknowledges that that Omnivision Technology will not be responsible for restoring recovered data into clients computer unless otherwise specified or agreed upon.

The client agrees to pay Omnivision Technology the quoted recovery fee upon the completion of data recovery work. In the event that there are any unpaid amounts after the due date, the client grants permission to Omnivision Technology to impose a holding fee of $20.00 incl. GST per day from due date.

The client declares that he / she is the owner/acting on behalf of the owner of the data to be recovered and has the capacity to authorise the work requested along with the related cost.
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